Our Products

Our product development activities are focused on niche markets where practical innovations while maintaining generic bioequivalency in the products offered will deliver a large patient benefit.  Primarily, our focus is on oral liquid products with a developing expertise in topical dosage form.   Our products under development include products that are address vitamin and mineral deficiency, allergy, Gastro Intestinal (GI),  and Central Nervous System (CNS) therapies.  We continue to develop and file new products at a rate that is achieved by much larger companies.

Patrin has filed and received approval for a number of products and has a robust pipeline of products currently in FDA review.  Patrin has applied for a unique patent to deliver leukotriene antagonist and similar class of compounds via Intra-nasal delivery.  Patrin is expanding its in-house formulation and early development capabilities.

Current Products 

Patrin has successfully developed and launched more than 20 products.  Products developed prior to 2009 are being marketed by partners.  Since 2009, Patrin has successfully launched more than 9 products for its own portfolio.  Our marketed products are:

  • High quality : Made in the USA in FDA inspected facilities with an outstanding history of cGMP manufacturing and with quality ingredients
  • Designed for safety and  special dietary needs: Excipients are selected to meet the strictest dietary requirements and packaging includes available safety features
  • Cost effective : lower price achieved without sacrificing quality